“Hybrid worked with illopetals when delivering Inhabit, a programme of ‘arTea’ rooms across 5 empty spaces in Birmingham.  Leon and Debbie engage members of the public in colourful, accessible, fun workshops. Their contribution to the tearooms was a trail of colour, fascinating visual images and panache!  The empty spaces that they worked in resounded with high intensity, dynamic, workshops and they left behind them striking images with vibrant colours and styles.  Debbie and Leon work well together, bounce off each other and so draw people of all backgrounds into their imaginary, visual, dream worlds.”

Dr Samina Zahir, Director, Hybrid 

“This work excites me as it’s fresh and vibrant, the colours and composition have evolved and I’m proud to know these two artists. Their work has no explanation, it speaks for itself, everyone who looks at the work will have different explanation of what they believe it to be, I think that’s a good thing!”

Tina Pringle-Hamilton, owner at Liquid Arts

“Leon and Debbie were one of the most dedicated, artistic and professional teams I’ve worked with.  As I remember, they were very productive and ambitious.  It was an authentic pleasure working with them as they are both competent artists who have an innovative approach.  Thanks to their interpersonal skills they generate great relations with both company clients and potential customers.”

Selina Brown, Little Miss Creative

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