illopetals have held many solo exhibitions in a variety of different Art galleries, Art centres and venues.  We have proposed, managed and curated our own exhibitions that have displayed pieces of illustration, graphic prints and paintings.  Each exhibition has been unique and explored different themes and concepts. We have also created installations using visuals, sound and live Art to captivate audiences.  As we are now working internationally, we hope to continue to display our work in professional settings.


illopetals Tokyo, C.O.D Bar, Shibuya, Tokyo, June 2015

Migook Oppa, Itaewon, Seoul, September 2014

Bridge, Riverview gallery, Seoul, May 2014

Colourful Concepts, BlueSquare Art Space, Hanam-dong, Seoul, March 2014

Fortune Skull, Jazzy Mas, Sinsa-dong, Seoul, South Korea, August 2013

Urban Heat, Golmok Gallery, Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea, July 2013

illopetals Journey East, Jung Art Gallery, Yongin, South Korea, May 2013

House, Home, Garden, Khourey Architects, Birmingham, UK, March 2012

Dreams and Stories, The Drum Art Centre, Birmingham, UK, November 2012

The Bass Festival, Punch Records, Birmingham, UK, June 2011

Illustrate Create, MAC Art Centre, Birmingham, May 2011

Characters of the Mysterious 7, Graffiti 4 Hire, Birmingham, April 2011

Illographic Tale, The Loft, Nottingham, UK, April 2011

The Shape of Things to Come, Art at Artfull, Birmingham, March 2011

Fluid collaborative, Fluid Space Arts, Birmingham, February 2011

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